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QC-I has more than 120 well trained inspectors based in major Chinese export cities.

We have comprehensive training programs for our inspectors such as classroom lectures, practice workshops and on-site assessments. QC-I insists on very strict control policies to manage our inspectors including: Code of Ethics, Employee Ethics Agreement, Code of Conduct Letter, Random Telephone Audits, Re-inspection Policy and others.

Our management team is composed of both local staff and western consultants. Many experienced management talent and engineers from well-known international inspection companies.

QC-I focuses on inspections in coastal areas of China including below provinces: Guangdong/Zhengjiang/Jiangsu/Shandong/Fujian/LiaoLing /Henan/Hubei/Jiangxi/AnHui; plus four areas: Hongkong, Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing. Over 90% of Chinese export products are made in these areas.

We are your best choice for inspections & testing in China.

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